SIMG is a full service Internet marketing agency and software development firm that delivers results. We cater specifically to technology clients who need creative branding, high-impact marketing programs, software designs and return on investment. SIMG has developed software from concept delivering the software to the market and later sales of the software to a major software company. Our approach is unique because unlike other agencies, SIMG has actually spent many days in a technology marketer's and the developer's shoes, as well. We have, in fact, spent many years in wingtips, boat shoes and now sketchers more fitting to a technology oriented dress code!

Because of our hands-on marketing experience with corporations from small to large, the United States government and international firms, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing today's technology companies and agencies. We know that stand-out creative is key to measurably increase awareness.

Additionally, we understand the importance of impacting sales. Our Marketing model integrates appropriate media and public relations initiatives in an effort to deliver sales, while supporting business strategy. SIMG constantly engage with partners worldwide to build strategic distribution channels to deliver the software we develop or other developers who come to us for our extensive network to deliver to the end users. SIMG is known for on time customer service with the high quality technology solutions. Please test us. Take one moment click here to view all our service offerings for you and your company..

I promise my company will provide you with the highest quality of service, software and products. You have my word.

Douglas Freed
President and CEO