The first software of its kind... Realtime-Spy allows you to remotely install the software on any computer as well as view the log files from anywhere in the world via your own personal Realtime-Spy webspace!

Realtime-Spy does not require IP addresses and does not create a direct connection with the PC you are monitoring!  Once installed all log files are uploaded secretly to your personal Realtime-Spy account on our webserver.  This enables you to view reports in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Realtime-Spy Features:

  • Keystrokes Typed  [screenshot]
    Log all keystrokes typed by the user. Logs are automatically pre-formatted from backspaces for easy web viewing via your secure Realtime-Spy webspace.

  • Websites Visited  [screenshot]
    Log all websites visited by the user. Realtime-Spy supports all the popular browsers (AOL, IE, Netscape, Opera, etc).

  • Internet Connections  [screenshot]
    Log all internet connections made and attempted by the user. Logs include the remote host/port and local host/port.

  • Windows Opened  [screenshot]
    Log all windows opened and used by the user.

  • Chat Conversations  [screenshot]
    Log both sides of all ICQ/MSN/Yahoo!/AOL/AIM messenger conversations!

  • Applications Ran  [screenshot]
    Log all applications and programs executed by the remote user.

  • System Information  [screenshot]
    Record and monitor system information on the remote machine: uptime, memory, ram, and more.

  • System Shutdowns and User changes
  • E-mails typed
  • Passwords typed

Realtime-Spy is SECURE!

  • Complete Stealth: Realtime-Spy is undetectable to all users. Using minimal PC processing cycles, Realtime-Spy is not visible in any way to the user, and records and stores all logs without any user notification.

  • Remotely Deployable: Realtime-Spy can be remotely deployed easily with just a few clicks and minimal user configuration.


    • Email Deployment: simply send your configured Realtime-Spy module to the remote PC. The user only has to run the attached file - they do not have to respond or send you any response to start monitoring - and they will not know they are being monitored! (optional splash notice available for non-stealth remote installs)

    • LAN/Network Deployment: Easily deploy Realtime-Spy over a network via network shares or logon scripts. No user interaction is needed!

  • Secure Password Protection: All your logs are password protected via secure web encryption. Only YOU can access your secure log webspace to view logs!

  • 24/7 Realtime Monitoring: Realtime-Spy will not stop monitoring if the user reboots - it will ALWAYS record their activities.


Realtime-Spy is EASY!

  • Easy to use Web Interface: Realtime-Spy's web interface is extremely easy to use - just point and click the logs you want to view!

  • Accessible Anywhere! Realtime-Spy is accessible from any web-browser, from any location. Just access your personal web-space!

Realtime-Spy - Details

Requirements : Win 9x,NT,2000,Me,XP

Support : Yes

Uninstaller : Yes

Pricing : $79.95

Each additional PC
: $19.95

With purchase you receive:

 - Realtime-Spy software

 - Remote Deployment software

 - Personal webspace for viewing logs

 - Every account is PASSWORD protected so only you have access to the monitoring logs!

CLICK HERE to see a demonstration of the login process as well as the log files!




Purchase Realtime-Spy now and find out what is going on behind your back!  By clicking the link below you can download, purchase, and use the software in minutes!