Secure Deletion

WebEradicator can securely eradicate any of the histories below that show what you have been doing on your PC:

  • Internet Explorer and Netscape Histories
  • Internet Cookies
  • Internet Temp Files
  • Browser Favorites
  • Email Message Histories
  • Windows Temp Files
  • Windows Run History
  • Windows Recent Docs History
  • Windows Recycling Bin
  • Windows Clipboard
  • My Documents Folder
  • My Pictures Folder
  • My Videos Folder
  • Many App histories (like Kazaa) via plugins!
  • Any directory specified!
  • Any file specified!



WebEradicator can help improve your PC's performance! WebEradicator can:

  • Speed up PC performance
  • Free up precious hard-drive space
  • Improve your browser performance
  • Schedule WebEradicator to eradicate system degrading files!


WebEradicator can help you cover your tracks, or simply let you use your PC in total privacy

  • Hide all open windows on your desktop instantly
  • Run WebEradicator invisibly
  • Clear private and sensitive files and data